Public advocacy campaigns of 7 community-based organizations

The Goychay Community Development Center initiated the establishment of four new neighborhood communities through public advocacy campaigns. These campaigns also focused on areas such as the “Adaptation of Former Prisoners to Society,” the development of “Goychay-Clean City,” and the enhancement of public transport infrastructure in Goychay.
Through effective public advocacy efforts, the Ganja Regional Community Center successfully addressed the absence of a kindergarten, positively impacting women’s socialization in the region.
Imishli’s “Mil” community excelled in environmental campaigns, community needs assessment, providing legal assistance to citizens, and promoting women’s empowerment through the “Encouraging Aranli Village Women to Participate in the Community” project, ensuring the continuity of their efforts.
The Sheki “Hadaf” community successfully implemented campaigns aimed at “Increasing Community Participation and Strengthening Women’s Influence on  Decision-Making” and “Empowering Women: From Housewives to Entrepreneurs.” They also organized various environmental awareness events.
In the Astara “LimOn” community, a series of events were conducted to raise awareness of social and environmental issues in the region. Additionally, they set up three book stands to promote literacy and knowledge-sharing.
The Lankaran “Damiragac” community significantly contributed to the development of education in the region, fostering effective community-school relations, introducing innovative educational approaches, and championing gender equality. Their efforts have resulted in substantial progress toward inclusivity and equal opportunities.
Since its inception, the Kurdamir “Mugan” Community has been a stalwart supporter of local initiatives aimed at addressing current community challenges, spanning environmental concerns, social issues, and infrastructure needs. Through their collective mobilization of resources and experience, they have played an instrumental role in enhancing the local environment, social structure, and basic infrastructure.