Who are we?

Welcome to Article 54 Public Union, a dynamic and independent civil society organization committed to encouraging active citizen participation and enhancing public oversight of decision-making.
Our mission is grounded in the belief that democracy and social justice thrive when citizens actively engage and play a role in monitoring decision-making processes. We aim to create an inviting environment where citizens can easily participate in decisions that matter to them.
At Article 54, we’ve embraced community development as a crucial tool to achieve our mission. We firmly believe that by nurturing and connecting communities, we can amplify their collective voice, influence decision-makers, advocate for transparency, and ensure that public interests remain at the forefront of every decision. In essence, our vision can be summarized as “a community where everyone chooses to participate.”
Our journey is guided by principles of openness, equality, inclusivity, transparency, and a steadfast commitment to democratic values. Together, we can build a more inclusive and engaged society where every individual’s voice matters. Join us in our mission to empower citizens in shaping the state and society, and to strengthen public oversight of the decision-making process. Let’s embark on this journey of change together!