What we are doing?

Article 54 Public Union seeks to increase public participation and strengthen citizens’ supervision in the decision-making process. In response to the challenges posed by the current political and legal landscape, we have chosen community building as our main tool.

We carry out the following strategic tasks in the way of community building:

  • Promotion of citizen participation at the local level
  • Research in the field of civic participation
  • Raising public awareness through public advocacy campaigns
  • Support for community-based organizations
  • Capacity building
  • Networking and Resilience support
  • Initiative evaluation and monitoring support
  • Legal aid services

In general, we promote civic participation at the local and national level, assist community-based organizations in community building and development, and work toward participatory solutions to social and economic problems.

Major Achievements:

  • Community-Based Organizations: We provided substantial support to the establishment of community-based organizations in regions such as Ganja, Goychay, Sheki, Imishli, Lankaran, Kurdamir, Astara and Shamkir. These organizations represent local interests and promote civic engagement by supporting community initiatives.
  • Public Advocacy: We have partnered with 7 community-based organizations to conduct 14 public advocacy campaigns. These activities have empowered citizens to influence both central and local authorities on social, gender, environmental and infrastructure issues.
  • Networking: We have succeeded in establishing cooperation between civil society organizations and 7 community-based organizations at the level of civil society resources and local community needs.
  • Legal assistance: During our activity, we have provided free and high-quality legal assistance to more than 1,000 individuals and initiatives from different regions of the country. This legal assistance covered both individual complaints of citizens regarding issues faced by administrative and judicial bodies, as well as legal aspects of public advocacy campaigns carried out by community-based organizations.
  • Strengthening the participation of women and youth: Based on the inclusiveness of community building, one of our strategic goals is to strengthen the participation of groups in society that are usually not at high levels of participation – women and youth. During our activities in this direction, the involvement of women and young people in solving local issues is encouraged and education is carried out.